Power Contactors for Switching Motors. General data. 3/8. Siemens IC 10 AO · 3. 3RA1 contactor assemblies, 3RT1 contactors. Size S6 with accessories. Safety Integrated. Safety Technology for Factory Automation. Answers for industry . Catalog. SI Edition. © Siemens AG .. contactor. SIRIUS compact feeder. ASIsafe. Modules. SlimLine-. Module. NSB0. _0. 22 e. SIMATIC. Switching Devices — Contactors and Contactor Assemblies. Contactor Relays and Relays. Introduction. 5/2. Siemens IC 10 · 5. □Overview. Note.

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Standards for control panels in the USA and Canada are changing!

Catalogo Siemens .pdf

The complete portfolio at a glance Download catalog. Door interlocking according to U.

Or directly in the Internet, e. Expert tips for control panels.

Industrial Controls – SIRIUS

This ensures the protection of persons, environment and machine — and supports the rapid and easy realization of safe and productive systems. Comprehensive legislation has been passed in the European Union in order to reduce power consumption and carbon emissions.

Benefit from our expert tips for short-circuit strength, door interlocking and assembling feeders. With Siemens innovative technology and design for rapid installation, our Benefit from our expert tip! Industry Mall and get all related information. All of our commanding and signaling devices have a compact design and can be mounted quickly and easily.


Standards are often very helpful, but sometimes, they can be quite a nuisance too.

Siemens offers automation, drive, We thank you so much for your interest and your loyalty in watching and listening to our podcasts.

How panel builders keep up with the state of the art despite changing requirements and guidelines: Siemens is synonymous with innovation, especially in the domain of industrial automation. With their modular design, our products 20133 be planned and built into a control cabinet in a very simple way.

Industrial controls – SIRIUS – Industrial Automation – Global

You can install this catalog directly from the DVD as a partial version or full version on your hard disk or in the network. Safety Integrated Take the direct route to maximum machine safety — with Safety Integrated. ET SP motor starter.

The safety relays can be simply parameterized via DIP switches. Safety Systems The new safety relays facilitate the easy realization of safety functions such as Emergency-Stop or protective door cayalogo. How to enable JavaScript. They are easily integrated into the automation environment and offer a high system transparency by providing a variety of available motor data. Refer to the Industry Mall for current updates of this catalog: Contactor assemblies for star-delta wye-delta starting.

Things you should know about the Industrial Catalog Integrated Control Panels The easy way to optimized control panels.


Where people and machines exchange information, our SIRIUS commanding and signaling devices perform valuable services. A successful year An eventful siemesn interesting year is now coming to a close and the new year will soon be here. A completely new generation of switching, protection and monitoring devices in seven sizes up to kW is ready for use. Warranty — Company warrants that on the In an interview with the Siemens expert Gerhard Flierl, he explains how you can keep control panels up to date — despite new guidelines — without getting bogged down in details.

And intelligent, self-learning functionalities not only keep piping systems clean but also support condition monitoring.

To stay up to date can be overwhelming — and requires both time and effort. Motor Management and Control Devices. Coupling Relays and Signal Converters.

Please enable JavaScript and reload the site. Do you wish more information? Please note that there might be constraints on site display and usability. Siemens products may only be used for the applications described in the catalog and in the relevant technical documentation. The total energy balance represents the cagalogo factor — correspondingly, also energy-efficient industrial controls are of the essence.